I always look forward to this time of year, to see what the best French Chocolatiers will be creating for their Easter Chocolates 2014 collection. Here are our favorites world-renowned French Chocolatiers’ limited “prestige” line of Easter chocolates themed figurines.

1. The Mother Hen at A la Mere de Famille. The ‘Mother Hen’ watches over her four little chocolate chicks under her protective wings.
2. Peacock Egg at Fauchon.
3. Spring Garden (Le Jardin Printanier) by Arnaud Larher. A garden with 16 mini chocolate eggs.
4. The Hidden Treasure of the Fairies (Le Trésor Caché des Fées), from Les Fees Patissieres. Deborah Levy and Sarah Harb-Fairies with Les Fees Patissieres pastry chef Eddie Benghanem play Willy Wonka. In one of their eggs, the key reveals a real gift voucher that will allow one lucky person to spend a whole day with Benghanem in his workshop to design an unique piece.
5. The Stork and the Fox (La Cigogne et le Renard) by Hugo & Victor‎ pays tribute to famous writer La Fontaine.
6. This cute rabbit family in their garden created by pastry chef Stéphane Tranchet from Le Burgundy‎.‎
7. Pick a Crunchy Carrot, an Irresistible Strawberry, or a Tender Garden Peas, at Dalloyau‎.
8. Easter workshop with big eyes rabbits grinning from ear to ear dressed like chefs at La Maison du Chocolat‎.
9. Christophe Roussel’s‎ creations are always fun. This year he designed a ‘Dragon Egg’ which has a granite texture imitating a cracked egg shell with dragon figure peeking out of the eggs and ‘Daisy Easter Egg’ filled with roasted dried fruit.
10. This year Patrick Roger amuse us with pigs, toads, and sheep instead of the usual chocolate eggs.